I’m a dance mom. A competitive dance mom.

2 Dec

Well, I’m not so much competitive, but the sport/art/activity/hobby/lifestyle in which she is involved in, is.    Okay, I’m a little competitive.   I mean I don’t spend all this time and money and hope she brings home a High Silver.   If you are going to show up, go for the Double Platinum.   But if my daughter brings home the High Silver, I will still be every bit as proud of her.   Can’t really say that about all the other moms.   And that’s what this blog is for.   To talk about all that kind of stuff.   The studios.  The politics.  The competitions.  The teachers.   The other mothers.    I might as well keep track of it all.   Someday my daughter may read this and either thank me for all I did, or wonder why the hell I let her do this.  Either way, let’s start keeping track of the ride we are on.


Hello world!

1 Dec

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